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Blinc Enneagram indicative test for salesprofessionals

Discover in 5 min

  1. 1. What your commercial strengths are and how you can get the most out of them
  2. 2. What your points of attention are and how to cope with them

1. Good salesmen

are strategic
are sincere
are creative

2. People buy products that

are presented in a catching manner
offer a great return
are practical

3. How I convince in a sales call

depends on who is in front of me
is with great ideas I get during the conversation
is something I thought about in advance

4. I was already told that I'm too


5. You lose the sale when

you don't handle customer objections properly
you discuss hard on details
you don't deliver excellent quality

6. I prefer customer that

challenge me
have high believes and values
are pleasant in the way they collaborate with suppliers

7. Top salesmen

advice their customers
show motivation & commitment
provide a lot of deep knowledge sharing

8. To be good in sales you have to be

flexible as a chameleon

9. I find it easy to

persuade customers of our efficient solutions
understand the customer challenges
develop a personal relationship with my customer

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