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Gain insight into what drives you as a salesperson with this self-scan for sales professionals

The sales driver self-scan is a fast and indicative test that will provide valuable information, in just under five minutes, about your personal strengths and the manner in which you approach sales.

Every course at Blinc starts with mapping out your sales profile in a well-substantiated manner. This is indispensable knowledge for anyone wishing to sustainably optimize his or her commercial skills.

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We distinguish between 9 commercial drivers

Sales driver 1: Quality
You are a polite salesman or woman who sets the bar high for him or herself. You do not want to be considered nonchalant, incompetent or playful. You uphold high standards and aim to achieve these based on perseverance and self-discipline. You aim to be a professional point of contact for your customers and an example for your colleagues.

Sales driver 2: Added value
You are always prepared to offer your customer advice and support. When doing so, you always ask: ‘will this help my customer?’ You enjoy entering into a partnership in which the customer feels that you offer added value. Personally, you do not like being in the limelight yet you enjoy the success and appreciation of customers whom you have helped.

Sales driver 3: Success
You have a knack for pursuing ambitious sales objectives. You work quickly and efficiently and achieve results for which you are admired by others. It is easy for you to convince customers, because your energy and enthusiasm rubs off on them. You see solutions instead of problems. With a positive mindset you can achieve everything you want!

Sales driver 4: Distinctive ability
You are an authentic salesperson who remains true to him or herself. You keep to your own style because ‘performing tricks’ just doesn’t feel right. You don’t like banal sales practices and regard the idea of being a ‘vacuum cleaner salesman’ with loathing. You distinguish yourself from the competition through your profundity and unique view of the business. You want to move your customers by getting to the heart of the matter.

Sales driver 5: Logic
You are able to convince your customers with logic, arguments that are based on figures and make a clear case for everything you say. You use your sharp observational and concentration skills to understand the customer’s situation based on objective information. ‘Think before you do’ is your motto. Careful analysis of the market and thorough preparations ensure that you waste little or no energy.

Sales driver 6: Trust
Trust and loyalty are the pillars of your salesmanship. You know exactly what the customer expects from you and aim to meet his or her expectations. You use your experience to offer your customers concrete and realistic solutions. You build up a bond of loyalty with your customers, and therefore they know that they can depend on you.

Sales driver 7: Fun factor
Selling is fun! You see opportunities for the future everywhere that will make your customer’s life even more enjoyable. You are brimming with new ideas and know exactly how to awaken your customer’s enthusiasm for these. You don’t like strict sales processes because these will restrict your freedom.

Sales driver 8: Impact

Your customers know exactly what they can expect from you. You will do everything to satisfy them, but they must never use you as an idle plaything. You communicate in a straightforward matter, even if the truth is difficult to digest. You enjoy working with customers that take decisive action and look for effective solutions with impact.

Sales driver 9: Flow
You treat your customers with respect and understanding. You attentively listen to their needs and come up with possible solutions. You give them the time they need to think, and do not put them under pressure. You have a natural talent for allowing people to speak because you exude serenity and go along with the flow of the sales pitch.

Discover your sales drivers in less than five minutes

Take the five-minute self test