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What do you, as a unique person, need to be a better salesperson and how do you approach this in concrete terms?

The Sales Book, personalized techniques for every type of salesperson

Author Jochen Roef bridges the gap between technical sales training programs and personality models with The Sales Book. The former will tell you how you can become more successful as a salesperson, but do not take your personality into account, while the latter does not offer a step-by-step plan to achieve this in concrete terms.

“This book is not about pigeonholing. It wants to clearly demonstrate, in a nuanced manner, that white and black do not always have to be worlds apart. The approach from The Sales Book works for our team.”

Silvio Senkinz - Salesmanager Trendstop

Stop learning tricks and optimize your own sales style instead

The Sales Book underpins what every sales manager already knows intuitively: it is impossible, and even undesirable, to clone salespeople and have them approach the customer in a robot-like manner. Sales professionals are actually more successful if they optimize their own style.

The Sales Book aims to speed up the learning process that will turn you into a top-flight salesperson and make this more efficient. It establishes a link between a method that will provide insight into your personality and numerous targeted sales techniques that are tailored to individuals. This combination will make it possible to develop into an authentic salesman or woman, allowing you to gain the respect of your customers thanks to the real added value you offer them and the genuine contact you make with them.

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