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Sales Masterclass: "Exponentially increase your turnover with the latest insights in commercial psychology"



You want to maximize your opportunities in sales pitches and take full advantage of every contact with prospective customers.

You want to gain insight into your customers’ challenges, needs and decision criteria, and to find out how they go about looking for solutions.

Additionally, you want to gain insight into how your customers perceive you, what they expect from you and how you can convince them to enter into a partnership with you.

You don’t want to work harder, but smarter – and deploy your natural commercial strength in a more targeted manner to achieve better results from your efforts.

Operating from your position in sales, you want to meet your targets, enable your organization to grow and share in the profits and success.

If this sounds like you, this is the sales masterclass you are looking for!

Day 1: Who are my customers and what are their driving forces?

On Day 1 we will examine the needs, wishes and business context of your customers. Based on sector-specific information, we will take a closer look at the following questions:


What are your customers’ business challenges and needs?
What are the trends and changes within their operational context?
Which types of solutions are they seeking?
How do they go about seeking solutions and what does their customer journey look like?
What is the definition of a good contact strategy?
What value proposition will quickly awaken their interest?
What is a good time to approach your customers, and which channel should you use?


Insight through interactive exercises

You will be taken through the steps of working out a business proposition and a commercial strategy that are tailored to your customers’ sector-specific situation. To achieve this, you will be given the following:


1.     Sources that will give you access to sector-specific information

2.     Google search tips

3.     Best practices in working out customer journeys

4.     Practical tips & tricks

Day 2: How can you use your commercial talents to their full potential?

Online testing (BSAS® Blinc Sales Aptitude Scan for Sales professionals) in combination with interactive exercises during this masterclass will provide in-depth and practical insight into the following:
·       In which aspects of sales do you excel by nature?
·       What are some of the elements of your style of salesmanship that you should be more aware of?
·       Which sales content (books, speakers, YouTube videos, audio books) can motivate you, as a person, to maximum performance?
·       Which sales techniques (prospecting, asking questions, presentation and closing techniques) are best suited to you, and which method will help you achieve your full potential?
On Day 2 of the masterclass you will be given:
1.     An online testing code for the BSAS®
2.     Your personal sales type report
3.     A personalized sales inspiration box (links to books, YouTube videos, speakers, audio books) that will inspire and motivate you
4.     A copy of The Sales Book for every type of salesperson

Results of the masterclass: An exceptional boost in sales competencies, commercial maturity and drive!

Practical information


Date and location: in-company upon request


A maximum of twelve participants applies!

Your expert trainer: Jochen Roef

Jochen Roef (1979) is a personality expert and the managing director of Blinc Sales Institute, the Number 1 training centre for sales staff. After obtaining a degree in psychology he spent several years working as a salesman, which fuelled his fascination for sales and personality psychology. He then proceeded to use this experience as a training manager at a diversity of multinational companies. He developed a method that leads to a personalized sales approach, based on the personality of individual salesmen and women. Blinc is currently coaching the sales team of various multinational companies, including Johnson & Johnson, Bpost, Xerius, Mensura, Opel, Toyota, Das and KBC. In addition to his work at the Blinc Sales Institute, Jochen Roef teaches international sales techniques at the VUB.

“It is interesting to gain insight into personality profiles in order to link this to specific sales behaviour, which makes you more effective.”

Jan Vandemoortele, Sales Director Securex

“From a monthly turnover of 71,431 euros to 123,423 euros in just eighteen months: that’s what I call the Blinc Effect!”

Frederik Vandeputte, Managing Partner Kohera

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