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Field coaching

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Coaching in action 

Switch to a higher commercial gear thanks to an experienced copilot.  

Our field coaching programme is tailored to your needs. 

 Action-oriented coaching that produces instant results. 

178 salesmen and women are currently being coached in the field by Blinc,

generating an average increase in turnover of 12.5% within six months.

Action-oriented coaching that produces instant results

A sales coaching programme always yields interesting insights. Our field coaching programme will bring you one step further. The training is provided on an individual basis. Your personalized training course is tailored to your natural sales style and specific needs. 

Blinc Sales Institute coaches salesmen and women in their contact with customers and prospects. Our experienced sales coaches will accompany them in the field, observe their approach discreetly and provide them tips that can be used immediately. By making targeted changes to minor points of attention you will notice major improvements, not only in your contact with your customers but also in your overall results! 

Your coach will be selected on the basis of your psycho-commercial profile with a view to optimally strengthening your unique competencies. This will allow you to use all the possibilities offered by a sales call in order to turn it into a success story. 

Blinc Sales Institute trains dozens of salespeople every day. Our team and our methods are firmly founded on psychology, with respect for every salesman or woman’s personal sales style. 

For whom is the field coaching programme intended?

For salesmen and women working in the field and inside sales staff with growth potential. Those who have enjoyed a great deal of training in the past and are wondering if there is more to learn. We will always choose a coach who is just right for you, which results in extremely personalized tips that will work for you, and that we know will also be effectively applied.

The sales coaching programme in detail

  • The coaching sessions can be organized on a full-day or half-day basis with interim follow-up.
  • Prior to commencement: interview to determine the commercially motivating factors
  • Salesperson type report with practical tips
  • Drawing up individual sales action plan
  • Hands-on approach of operational sales challenges
  • Field visits to your customers’ business premises
  • Interim feedback and personalized advice (type)
  • Application of tips and tricks
  • Experiencing a ‘learning leap’, achieving a positive result by trying something new
  • Drawing up a field coaching report with development tips for the future
  • Tripartite interview with your direct superior

Ask Blinc about that way in which it bases remuneration on performance. If you win, we will all win – together with you!

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“Thank you for your tips on cold prospecting. I finally feel entirely at ease whenever I approach a new prospect.”

Tom Hemmeryckx, Business Manager Logi-Technic

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