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Time and focus management in sales

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Getting things done

Less time spent on red tape; more time for your customers 

This training course can be given in-company.

Proven method for guaranteed results

Proven method for guaranteed results

A successful salesperson prospects proactively, comes up with new solutions for his or her customers’ problems and has his or her mailbox and To Do list under control. Is this a far cry from reality for you? If so, you’ve come to the right place!

Blinc Sales Institute developed a workshop that ensures that you, as a sales representative, will always set the right priorities – starting today. You will learn to set priorities and monitor their progress, and to maintain a clearly structured mailbox and To Do list . We will give you simple tools that will save you, as a salesperson, hours of work every week. You will gain insight into a smarter way to assess projects, how to balance account management and prospecting, and how you can maximize motivation and results through a better organization of your tasks.

This training course is the fast track to closing deals in the most efficient and effective manner possible. We will teach you proven methods for guaranteed results.

Blinc Sales Institute trains dozens of salespeople every day. Our team and our methods are firmly founded on psychology, with respect for every salesman or woman’s personal sales style

For whom is this training course intended?

Group training course for a maximum of 12 sales staff who have already completed basic training and wish to develop their skills. This training course provides insight into yourself and the customer. You will learn to better connect with all types of customers in a theoretically sound manner.

This training course can also be given in-company.

The programme of this one-day workshop:

  • Implementing a single, centralized time management system
  • Structural organization of tasks, projects and To Do list items
  • Proactive planning and scheduling of projects
  • Setting and monitoring priorities
  • Getting things done!

Results-oriented workshop for sales staff who want to continue growing

Investment: € 575 (excl. VAT) of which 40% is subsidized through KMO Portefeuille

This training course can also be given in-company. A budget can be obtained by submitting an application to

“Very practically-oriented, expands on the individual experience of every participant, interactive.”

Wim Van Neyghem - KBC private banking

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