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Business mentoring for salesmanagers

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For sales managers who want to excel

The fast track to maturity as a sales leader thanks to customized mentorship 

Business mentoring is planned according to your needs. 

Individual coaching with a personal coach/mentor

Individual coaching with a personal coach/mentor

As a sales manager, you are in a challenging position. Higher management imposes strategic goals on you, while your team members confront you with operational complaints and challenges. This can have a constricting effect.

Blinc Sales Institute offers customized mentorship for sales managers. A sounding board who thoroughly understands people and business affairs. A seasoned expert who has faced the same problems as you, and whose management style is perfectly in line with your personal style. This mentorship combines coaching and consultancy, and will provide you with motivating tips and tricks that you can deploy immediately for fast and optimum results.

Together with your personal mentor you will work towards achieving concrete solutions that can be realistically implemented. Your mentor is a sounding board who listens to the challenges you are facing and will help you grow in your personal leadership. Blinc Sales Institute trains dozens of salespeople every day. Our team and our methods are firmly founded on psychology, with respect for every salesman or woman’s personal sales style.

For whom is business mentoring intended?

For sales managers who want to excel. We will always chose a coach who is just right for you, which results in extremely personalized tips that will work for you, and that we know will also be effectively applied.

Programme of the business mentoring course

  • Determining your management style
  • Selecting the right mentor for you
  • One-on-one mentoring based on real business challenges

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“I have met numerous trainers/coaches, this was the most valuable. Blinc departs from your personality as a salesperson and will expand on this to strengthen you as a member of the sales force.” 

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