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Become a Blinc Enneagram sales coach: train the trainer course

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For sales coaches who wish to encourage their coachees to excel at personal and professional level

A five-day training course that will take you to the core of a decade of sales and personality expertise

In small groups & upon demand

Certified training course for prospective Blinc Enneagram Sales Coaches

Certified training course for prospective Blinc Enneagram Sales Coaches

Are you the sales coach or manager who is responsible for the sales performance of a team in your organization? If so, you have probably noticed that some of your colleagues benefit from your tips, but unfortunately not all. There is a method that will help you.

In this five-day training course Blinc Sales Institute will examine a psychologically substantiated and concrete method that will ensure that everyone will be able to benefit from your advice and that your coaching will always result in a workable solution for the person being coached.

The basic principle behind this training course is that each person is a unique individual, with his or her own drivers and values. The course will steer your approach in a concrete direction and provides structural tools to quickly achieve targeted results for a highly diverse group of participants.

This training course is not based on a context-oriented behavioural model (e.g. DISC, Insights of MBTI). Instead, it is based on the Enneagram, a value-based model that provides tangible, in-depth insights and is context-independent. This is why it will result in sustainable transformation across multiple contexts and situations. If you know what the driving forces are behind the people whom you are managing or coaching, you will also know how to steer your approach in the right direction to produce a fast and lasting result.

Blinc Sales Institute trains dozens of salespeople every day. Our team and our methods are firmly founded on psychology, with respect for every salesman or woman’s personal sales style.

For whom is this training course intended?

Sales coaches who want to use the in-depth inside provided by the versatile Enneagram model in a sales environment

The programme of the training course

The training course will feature an interactive presentation, active cases and simulations that examine the following topics:

  • In-depth introduction to the nine sales drivers
  • Stimulating sales training and coaching content for each sales type
  • Natural sales talents and disposition of the nine sales types
  • Current pitfalls and practical solutions to avoid these
  • Typography via online testing and/or an in-depth interview
  • Practising with genuine sales professionals as coachees
  • Certification test 

Results-oriented training course for sales coaches who want to use the in-depth insight provided by the versatile Enneagram model in a sales environment

€ 3,375 per person, of which up to 40% is subsidized by KMO Portefeuille This training course can also be given in-company. A budget can be obtained by submitting an application to

“I took the Enneagram training course in July. This is a very interesting method which is taught, for once, from the sales representative’s perspective rather than the client’s. I gained tremendous insight! We finally discovered a tool that allows sales staff to gain greater insight into themselves and, thanks to this, to perform better.”

Xavier Teichmann - Oxymore

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