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Towards a motivating prospecting annual plan in just one day

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Solid prospecting skills

An operational year-long prospecting plan that will motivate you for the course of an entire year

This training course can be given in-company.

There are more ways to draw in new customers than you think

There are more ways to draw in new customers
than you think!

Prospecting is a fantastic instrument for allowing your business to grow. If you approach this structurally, you can expect an exponential effect.

Blinc Sales Institute developed a method to transform sales goals into a pragmatic prospecting plan.
We will be presenting these fascinating and necessary insights in an entertaining and interesting manner. The 12-month strategy that you will draw up during this one-day training course will be concretely accompanied by prospecting techniques that will prompt you to achieve your goals purely naturally.

Blinc Sales Institute trains dozens of salespeople every day. Our team and our methods are firmly founded on psychology, with respect for every salesman or woman’s personal sales style.

For whom is this training course intended?

Group training for a maximum of 12 sales staff who have already completed basic training and wish to develop their skills. This training course provides insight into yourself and into the customer. You will learn to better connect with all types of customers in a theoretically sound manner.

This training course can also be given in-company.

The programme of this one-day workshop:

  • Translating your sales objectives into a prospecting strategy
  • Inside into a wider prospecting techniques
  • Implementing your personal plan of action in concrete terms

Results-oriented workshop for salespeople who want to adopt a more in-depth approach to sales.

Investment: € 575 (excel. VAT) of which 40% is subsidized through KMO Portefeuille

“I assimilated everything that was taught in an instant. I learned a lot. I was itching to get started with what I learned.”  

Kristel Van Marsbergen - Adviseur KBC

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