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Networking with punch and results

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As if you’ve been doing this for years

Building up professional relationships in a targeted manner

This training course can be given in-company.

Effective & dynamic networking with a natural flair

Effective & dynamic networking with a natural flair

Networking is easy to learn. It’s all about applying a number of specific elements that genuinely make the difference.

Blinc Sales Institute developed the workshop that will take you through all aspects of networking. In this workshop, you will be developing a suitable sales pitch in a well-structured manner, learn all the do’s and don’ts in building up and maintaining a professional network and practice each aspect until you have fully mastered it. Based on your personality, you will receive tips that work for you that will make you feel more self-assured and achieve greater success in networking situations.

Blinc Sales Institute trains dozens of salespeople every day. Our team and our methods are firmly founded on psychology, with respect for every salesman or woman’s personal sales style.

For whom is this training course intended?

For sales representatives and employees who are responsible for promoting the company’s image.

This training course can also be given in-company.

Workshop programme

  • Preparation and goals with regard to networking: who do I want to speak to, with how many people do I want to enter into contact, schedule meetings with attendees in advance?
  • Networking do’s and don’ts
  • The 10-second scan among the attendees
  • Opening lines that suit your personality
  • Hotspots at an event
  • One-minute pitch
  • Role playing
  • Follow-up: email communication after networking, LinkedIn invites, define the next steps to take

Results-oriented workshop for sales representatives and employees who are responsible for promoting the company’s image.

Investment: € 575 (excluding VAT) of which 40% is subsidized through KMO Portefeuille

“I obtained the insights I needed for better and more concrete networking. Instead of simply amusing myself at a networking event, I now return home with a stack of business cards that I can genuinely put to use. Thank you, Blinc!”

Stijn Meerschman –Hoofdprojectleider Mevaco

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