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Negotiating and convincing by email

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Sharpen your commercial linguistic ability

Develop constructive assertive skills in crucial email contacts

This training course can also be given in-company.

Mature, professional email communication

Mature, professional email communication

A large portion of your day-to-day communication with your customers takes place via email. The approach to clearly and politely communicate with your customers via this channel is fundamentally different from a telephone conversation. It is, for example, impossible to sense the mood of the person who you are communicating with. Additionally, the recipient of an email will not be able to understand the subtleties that you could otherwise convey with your voice. Being able to put the right tone of voice in your message is therefore twice as difficult.

Blinc Sales Institute developed a workshop that will teach you to communicate constructively and assertively when prospecting, negotiating prices or dealing with complaints by email. This workshop will be based on the concrete cases that you bring along. You will learn the difficulty of transforming emails into commercial opportunities. You will be given practical, theoretic footholds that will help you set your boundaries politely. We will be refining your linguistic awareness and teach you which words will produce the best results in which context.
The skills you have learned during this one-day course will also be implemented. Our experienced sales coaches will help you with working out your own cases.

Blinc Sales Institute trains dozens of salespeople every day. Our team and our methods are firmly founded on psychology, with respect for every salesman or woman’s personal sales style.

For whom is this training course intended?

Group training course for a maximum of 12 sales staff who have already completed basic training and wish to develop their skills. This training program provides insight into yourself and into the customer. You will learn to better connect with all types of customers in a theoretically sound manner.

This training course can also be given in-company.

The programme of this one-day workshop:

  • Discussing and analysing difficult emails: every participant is asked to contribute two to three concrete cases
  • Learning to use a number of practical, theoretic footholds
  • Personalizing basic templates for prospects, and negotiations and complaints handling
  • Getting started with your own cases

Results-oriented workshop for sales representatives and back office sales staff

Investment: € 575 (excl. VAT) of which 40% is subsidized through KMO Portefeuille

This training course can also be provided at your company. A budget can be obtained by submitting an application to

"Extremely practical and applicable. It's nice to see how you can turn the content of mails you consider a lost cause into extra opportunities to your own favour."

Eva Declercq, House of Talents

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