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Our solutions

With a decade of expertise in sales and personality studies behind it, Blinc Sales Institute is your dream partner to help you tackle the challenges you are facing in the field of sales. Regardless of whether you want to get more out of prospecting, optimize negotiation strategy or improve the performance of your team,

each of the following solutions offered by Blinc Sales Institute is based on a unique method that empowers every sales representative and will spectacularly improves his or her results.


Discover a wide range of efficient methods to derive satisfaction and achieve results from prospecting.


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Sales pitch

Excel in your performance as a sales representative through sales pitches that are more clearly structured, better coordinated and provide more in-depth insight.

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Account MGMT

Become the strategic partner of your key customers, retain the right focus and anchor your position.


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Sales mgmt

Gain the necessary maturity as a sales leader and use your understanding of people and business affairs to help your team rise to its full potential.

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