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When is sales coaching useful?

Our sales consultancy offers effective tailor-made solutions for companies facing temporary or structural challenges in their sales organization.

Our interventions are situated at vision, strategy, planning and implementation level.

You can apply to us if you have an outspoken ambition to grow, or if:

  • you are confronted with a strongly changing market;                                                                    
  • you fail to close deals on account of an inefficient sales process;
  • you are having to contend with fluctuating performance by your sales team.

The 3 practical phases of our sales consultancy:

The analysis phase

Our Sales Quickscan identifies problem areas and opportunities in your sales organization by:

  • mapping out your sales flow;
  • benchmarking goals, processes and team members;
  • defining business requirements.

Strategic coaching

The fast track to achieving your envisioned objective is determined by:

  • quantifying short and long-term goals;
  • establishing milestones and Key Performance Indicators (KPIs);
  • allocating responsibilities and determining tactics.

Operational coaching

Quick wins as well as sustainable efficiency is achieved by:

  • anchoring the strategic plan within the organization;
  • focusing on priorities and retaining a clear focus;
  • training and coaching individual salespeople.

Sales consultancy is offered on an interim management, project or consultancy basis.

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“Put good salespeople in a bad system and the bad system will win.”

The “3-step consultancy method” provides competent sales professionals the guidance they need to achieve optimum performance within a clearly defined process.

In this, we will be focusing simultaneously on the 3 factors that determine your results:

  • People
  • Processes
  • Leadership

Our “hands-on” approach focuses on custom work, efficiency and determination.

Together, we will examine how we can transform your ambition to grow into concrete reality.

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