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Blinc respects your privacy

On this page, you will find more information about how Blinc Sales Institute respects your privacy.

Which data do we retain?

This depends on our relationship:

If we have enjoyed email contact, or if you have given us your business card after meeting us in person, we will put the information derived from your email signature or on your business card in our data file.
If we enjoyed telephone contact (or your telephone number is included in your email signature or on your business card) this information will also be added to our data file.
If you have made use of a service provided by Blinc Sales Institute the invoice details will be added to the information in our database.
If an employee is designated as a contact or someone from your organization made use of the services offered by Blinc Sales Institute his/her contact details will be added to the database.
If, within the framework of these services, one (or more) personal or team files, reports or other documents were compiled, these will be retained in a secure place in our database.

What does Blinc Sales Institute do with this data?

This data is used exclusively to guarantee the smooth operation of our organization, on the one hand, and to ensure an outstanding level of service for the benefit of your organization, on the other.

Email addresses are added to our mailing list. We do this because we enjoy sharing our insights and expertise with you – and because we assume that you would like to be kept informed of any new developments within the organization.

This data is never in any way shared with third parties.

How long is this data retained?

Stock is taken of the databank on an annual basis:

anyone who has not opened a single email from us in the past 18 months will be struck from the mailing list.

Data related to customers with whom we have had no contact in the past 10 years will be removed from the database entirely. Apart from this, any reports that were compiled within this context will be deleted.


Blinc operates in line with the Law of 8 December 1992 on the protection of personal privacy, according to which all data subjects are entitled to consult and edit their data at all times.

Would you like to know which data belonging to you is retained by us? Don’t hesitate to contact us.