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“I feel an urge to excel in everything I do”

Xavier Teichmann started his career as a project leader at car manufacturer Renault.

With the knowledge he obtained through a master’s degree in communication, a postgraduate degree in marketing management and training as an NLP coach he perfected a new method in two years’ time that contributed to the company’s commercial result to such an extent that he became the organization’s youngest sales manager at the age of only 25.

In this position – in addition to his activities as a coach and a manager, as well as his responsibility for ensuring a consistent flow of revenue – he took on the additional task of supporting and coaching those divisions of the car manufacturer that were unable to obtain the envisioned results in the field of customer satisfaction.

The two years he spent in this capacity enabled various divisions to attain a higher level of success.

Strengthened by this commercial experience as a manager and coach he naturally developed into a position that enabled him to combine all these competencies with his urge to excel. He came across such an opportunity when he was asked to take over the commercial leadership of a communication agency that coaches business enterprises through changes in corporate culture by using a method called “Business Excellence Storytelling”.

At the beginning of 2015 he established his own company, Oxymore.

Xavier Teichmann is currently a training partner at the ULg HEC Executive School for Sales Management and a guest lecturer for the IHECS “Certificat Universitaire en Ventes” (University-Level Certificate in Sales) study programme.

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