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Werner Van Loo

As an experienced sales coach and trainer, I would like to pass my knowledge on to people who believe that providing outstanding service is of paramount importance. To me, sales is – above all – a human activity, on which the personalities of the customer and the salesperson have tremendous impact. Apart from sales techniques, the psychological aspect is therefore of considerable importance. I want to shake people awake, activate them and raise them to a higher level in order to achieve better sales results. Interaction, exercises and concrete examples are typical aspects of my approach. In addition to this, I encourage participants to learn from one another. As a result, not only will information and knowledge be shared but people will derive more satisfaction from their jobs. By focusing on the strengths of each individual, the entire group will be able to achieve the best results.

Sales divisions are constantly changing. They have to adapt to changes in the market, the product portfolio or the organization. This is not always self-evident. The coaching and counselling sessions I provide can make it easier to adapt to these changes. My experience in the automotive, financial and insurance world allows me to contribute very concrete knowledge and examples to our training courses and coaching programmes.

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