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“Why people do what they do has always intrigued me”

When I studied psychology at university I was given numerous tools to discover what drives people in a scientific manner. I was particularly interested in the part these individual motives played in a business environment and, more particularly, in a sales interview.

A managing director will translate this as follows: how can I get the most out of my employees’ personalities and competencies in order to achieve my corporate goals? The psychologist in me knows that this works best if you get into the right flow. It is a general feeling of well-being, and which enables people to achieve good results without creating the impression that it takes a considerable effort.

In my commercial experience as a sales representative in the medical sector, as a salesman of competency training programmes, as an executive coach and as a learning and development manager at Adecco I went in search of ways to achieve this condition. This took numerous interviews, in which I aimed to set up a usable analysis model according to the Enneagram, and to develop sales training courses based on this. The Sales Book, which was written on the basis of my research, and the programme of training courses and coaching programmes this yielded, has been offered at the Blinc Sales Institute since 2010.

I teach the sales training courses together with my team of 12 experienced consultants.

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Jochen Roef

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